Socrates Theme - best of all IM Themes

I have utilized the Socrates WordPress theme on several of my site and as some of you might know, I've turn out to be a big fan! I extremely suggest using WordPress for your website (it is totally free!), especially if you're not a highly skilled computer wizard. To create your WordPress blog stand out from your crowd, a number of themes (add-on programs that enhance the look and feel of one's website) exist. I'd highly recommend using a theme in WordPress because it will give your site an edge, not looking like a standard blog. The web is filled with WordPress themes and a huge selection of different themes are available, some for free, some to get a charge.
Most free themes are decent but not fantastic in my view and if you truly want to be various on the net I would not use most of the free themes. Personally I really selected to spend just a little cash and purchase the "Socrates theme". This theme not only has a great lay-out but also enabled me to extremely rapidly monetise my web site with affiliate marketing programs like Google AdSense, Amazon, ClickBank, Kontera. Socrates the best theme to use and worth each and every penny
As you can see on this site, I use the Socrates theme myself, not only to create my site appear good and professional (I hope you would concur!) but also provided the amount of functions it has integrated, ranging from search engine optimisation (SOE) to internet affiliate marketing plug-ins.
Although I do not want to make this too much of an advertisement I do want to list a few of the key features incorporated in the Socrates package deal:

  • Social Media Slider (incl. RSS, Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn)* 200+ Niche headers* Affiliate Program integration* Dozens of background and colour pallets* Optional constructed in AdSense, Affiliate and ClickBank Ad Bar* Several layout side bar options* And so on..

In addition, the package comes with 10+ video clip tutorials along with a 60-days cash back guarantees. Lastly, it has a great help-desk and service (and I have bugged them a great deal when I started and always obtained great help!!). This last features is really key for me as well as gives me peace of thoughts because the Socrates team continues to work to upgrade, optimize and improve the Socrates Theme, very important given the continuous alter seen on the internet.
I will stop here so possess a search for your self. For more particulars on it go to the Socrates Theme page.
Allow me know what you think about Socrates or every other WP theme you think is the best!